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SPS Cigaronne

SPS Cigaronne Co Ltd, manufactures high quality Cigaronne cigarettes. Starting in 1999 the production of Cigaronne, these cigarettes have achieved significant success because of the high quality and know-how technologies. SPS Cigaronne co ltd was established in 1999. Cigaronne made a revolutionary step in the world tobacco industry creating premium kind of tobacco product: unique hard filter holder cigarettes with cigaronne brand name. While inventing cigaronne three ideas were taken to set up a base, they are the high quality, meeting the requirements of hygiene and creating maximum comfort for smokers. And thanks to the emphasis on the high quality the company was granted the iso9001: 2000 certificate in 2001. Cigaronne products and the brand name have been patented by our company. The high professionalism of our staff ensures the success of the company. Sps cigaronne co. Ltd. Is continuing to develop with constant paces and today has already shown goodwill in numerous countries of different continents. The company shows 30% average rate of growth annually. Today we export our products to 30 countries and are involved in intensive marketing and promotion activity in more than 60 countries. It is only a matter of time when cigaronne will be available in most countries of the world. The r & d team of our company constantly brings new ideas into reality, which are aimed at modernizing smoking culture.


The Lady Range was launched by SPS Cigaronne only in 2006 to fill the gap in the market. A gap which was felt by many female smokers around the world. Whereas there are a number of cigarette brands designed for ladies, none of them highlight femininity and style as much as the brand Lady. Lady cigarettes come in three types
1. Lady
2. Lady Rose
3. Lady Menthol
All of these are Slims size cigarette with Cigaronnes unique slim filter. Lady cigarettes come with colored tipping paper, to avoid stains of lipstick on it. Lady and Lady rose have red and Lady Menthol green tipping papers. Moreover Lady Rose type comes with a special Rose flavor, and has a low side stream, meaning that the amount of passive smoke is a several times less than a conventional cigarette. Ladys packs are made from special holographic material to highlight the shining side of it. The pack also shows the well recognized female sign to avoid confusion, and make sure male smokers do not smoke it, which makes the cigarette even more attractive to smoking women. A massive market research showed Lady in its current state is favored by almost all women, irrespective of culture, nation and color of the skin. This is Cigaronnes gift to all ladies in style, because they deserve the best.

Established in: 1999
Business types:

East Europe / Russia

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