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'A-A' Gun - Chili to 21 Azul
21 Azul - 01 to 520 Supreme (Menthol) L-20-H - Taiwan
520 Supreme (Slim Lights) L-20-H - Taiwan to 98 Ninety Eight (Full Box) KS-20-S - Iran
98 Ninety Eight KS-20-S - Iran to Admiral (Top Flavour Tobaccos) - Germany
Admiral (Turkish and Virginia Blend) - USA to Alliance (mexican version) KS-20-S - Mexico (Question)
Alligator S-20-S - USA to Ardath Virginia Tipped
Arden House (Special Filter) KS-18-H - Greece to Astorias (version 2b) S-20-S - England
Astra to BV Bonus Value (Full Flavor) L-20-S - USA
BV Bonus Value (Lights) KS-20-S - USA to Baishao
Baishao - 01 to Bargain Buy (Menthol Full Flavor) KS-20-S - USA
Bargain Buy (Menthol Lights) KS-20-S - USA to Belaya Rus Brest
Belaya Rus Brest (T) KS-20-S - Byelorus to Benson and Hedges (Special Filter) KS-6-H - Malaysia
Benson and Hedges (Special King Size Virginia) KS-20-H - Canada to Biji - 06
Bijuli S-20-S - Nepal to Bond (chilean version) L-20-S - Chile
Bond (swedish version) (Mild) KS-20-H - Sweden to Brand40000000
Brand414 to BrandAlmati
BrandAlmos to BrandBanyasz
BrandBao Ma to BrandBurrus and Sons
BrandBursa to BrandCerise No 2
BrandCerro Porteno to BrandCount
BrandCountry to BrandDua Sekawan 24
BrandDua Sembilan 29 to BrandFlying Horse
BrandFocker to BrandGunung
BrandGuo Bao to BrandJubilant Tristar
BrandJubile to BrandLeighton
BrandLem Thong to BrandMedeu
BrandMedion to BrandNo 10
BrandNo 15 to BrandPodkrepa
BrandPoe Jang Ga A6 to BrandRiga
BrandRiggio to BrandSheriff
BrandSherman's to BrandSvyatkovi
BrandSweet Afton to BrandVan Rijn Rembrandt
BrandVan Saun to BrandZeta 2000
BrandZhan Shen to Brunette (design 4) (Special Tobac) KS-20-S - Switzerland
Brunette (design 4) (collection version) (Doppel-Filter) KS-20-S - ... to Caijin KS-20-S - China
Caili 01 - China to Camel (collection version) Genuine Century 1922 (Filters) KS-20-S -...
Camel (collection version) Genuine Century 1929 (Filters) KS-10-H -... to Cannes (design 1) 02 KS-20-S - Brasilia
Cannes (design 1) 03 KS-20-S - Brasilia to Carmen (American Blended Lights) KS-20-H (new design) - Poland
Carmen (American Blended Menthol Lights) KS-20-H (new design) - Poland to ChaHua (02) KS-20-S - China
Cha Ha Erh (01) KS-20-S - China to ChenFang 01 - China
ChenFang 02 - China to Class 'A' Cigarettes (Ultra Lights) KS-20-S - USA
Class 'A' Cigarettes (Ultra Lights) L-20-S - USA to Coronas (Menthol Lights) L-20-S - USA and Spain
Coronas (Non-Filter) KS-20-S - Spain to Dadukara MK KS-12-H - Indonesia
Daerkang to Delta (swiss version) (Menthol Blend) KS-20-H - USA and Switzerland
Delta (swiss version) (Virginia Blend) KS-20-H - USA and Switzerland to Derby (colombian version) (Cigarrillos) KS-20-S - Colombia
Derby (colombian version) (Extra Suave Filtro Carbon) KS-20-H - Col... to Dorchester (Extra Mild) L-20-H (white) - England
Dorchester (Luxury Menthol) KS-20-H (green) - England to Duo-Blend (Filter) KS-20-S - USA
Duo Blend S-20-S - U.S.A. to Ernte 23 KS-25-H - Germany
Ernte 23 KS-6-H - Germany to Fatma Jaya KS-12-S (green) - Indonesia
Favor (Menthol) KS-6-H - USA to Forum (german version) L-20-S - Germany
Forum (indonesian version) (Muncul Jaya) L-12-H - Indonesia to Garbis (design 2) (horizontal name) KS-12-H - Indonesia
Garlem (T) KS-20-S - Russia to Glenn (Full Flavour) S-20-H - Sweden
Glob Master S-20-S - Poland to Grand World KS-20-S - China
Grape KS-20-S - China to Hi-Lite (Special Mild American Blend) KS-20-H - Japan
Hi-Lite (Spesial Mild Menthol American Blend) KS-20-H - Japan to Ideal (Lights Virginia Blend) KS-20-H - Greece
Ideales Blancos S-20-B - Spain to Jinsimao KS-20-S - China
Jinyu KS-20-S - China to Kent (Special Mild Charcoal Filter) KS-20-H - Japan and USA
Kent (Super Lights) KS-20-H - Uruguay and USA to Kool (Limited Edition Artist Packs) Menthol Milds (pack No.4 of 5) ...
Kool (Limited Edition Artist Packs) Menthol Milds (pack No.5 of 5) ... to LVs KS-20-H - Russia
LX (Mild Exceptional Quality) L-14-H - Indonesia to Leningrad (T) (design 3) (Osobie) (T) KS-20-H (white and blue and r...
Leningrad (T) (design 3) KS-20-H (white and blue and red) - Russia to Lord (Ultra 303 Mellow Lights) L-20-H - Germany
Lord (Ultra Niedrige Werte) L-20-H - Germany to MBR (Natural Full Flavor) KS-20-H - USA
MBR (Natural Lights) KS-20-H - USA to Manhattan (peruvian version) (Full Flavor) KS-20-S - Peru
Manhattan (peruvian version) (Full Flavor) KS-3-H - Peru to Marathon (Exclusive Premium Blend) L-20-H - Cyprus and Greece
Maravillas (Mentolados Cilindricos Papel Arroz) S-14-S - Mexico to Maryland (belgian version) (Blondes) KS-25-H (Bleues) (blue) - Belgium
Maryland (belgian version) (Blondes) KS-25-H (Bleues) (blue and whi... to Memphis (austrian version) Lights (Tennessee Tobaccos) KS-20-H - Au...
Memphis (austrian version) Lights (Tennessee Tobaccos) L-20-H - Aus... to Mild Seven (vertical sightseeing pack 1980 109-112)
Mild Seven (vertical sightseeing pack 1980 113-116) to Montclair M (design 1) (Ultra Lights) KS-20-S - USA
Montclair M (design 1) (Ultra Lights) L-20-S - USA to NYC (Blue Avenue American Blend) KS-19-H - Germany and France
NYC (Blue Avenue American Blend) KS-25-H - Belgium to News (collection version) (International Seattle, WA) KS-30-H (whit...
News (collection version) (International Seattle, WA) KS-30-H (whit... to Omni (Lights) KS-20-S - USA
Omni (Lights) L-20-S - USA to Pall Mall (american version) (Menthol Filter Cigarettes) L-20-B (gr...
Pall Mall (american version) (Menthol Filter Cigarettes) L-4-H (gre... to Payasos (honduranian version) (Desde 1936) S-20-S - Honduras
Payasos (honduranian version) (Desde 1936 After Hours) KS-20-H - Ho... to Pilot (american version) (Lights) L-20-S - USA
Pilot (american version) (Menthol Full Flavor) KS-20-S - USA to Premier (colombian version) (American Blend) KS-20-S - Colombia
Premier (colombian version) (American Blend Lights) KS-20-H - Colombia to Prima Serebryanaya (T) (Reemtsma) KS-20-S (red) - Russia
Prima Serebryanaya (T) (Reemtsma Legkaya) (T) KS-20-H (blue) - Russia to REVO (REVO ULTRA LIGHT MENTHOL)
RL (King Size) KS-20-S - Brazil to Richland KS-20-S - USA
Richland KS-25-S - USA to Roundup (Premium Blend Full Flavor) KS-20-S - India
Roundup (Premium Blend Lights) KS-20-H - India to Salem (Black Label Full Flavor ' Menthol) L-20-H - USA
Salem (Black Label Lights ' Menthol) KS-20-H - USA to Selleta S (Suave American Blend) KS-20-S - Paraguay
Sembilan Baru 9 KS-12-S - Indonesia to Silk Dew (Vanilla) L-20-B - USA and Holland
Silk Road KS-20-H - England to Sochinskie (T) S-20-S (view 5) - USSR (Russia)
Sochinskie (T) S-20-S (view 6) - USSR (Russia) to Start (new design) (Filter) S-20-S - Czechia
Start (new design) (Lights) KS-20-H - Czechia to Svyatkovi (T) S-20-S - USSR (Ukraine)
Sweet Afton (2009 version) S-20-B - Ireland to Three Rings KS-20-S - Nigeria
Three Stars (American Blend) KS-20-H - Germany to Trussardi 1 (Charcoal Filter) KS-20-H (white) - Austria
Trussardi KS-20-H (black) - Austria (Question) to Vantage (new design with 'V'-line) (1 Ultra Light) KS-25-B - Canada
Vantage (new design with 'V'-line) (5 Light) KS-20-H - Canada to Virginia Star L-20-H (white and blue) - Greece
Virginian KS-20-S - USA to Westminster No 7 (Straight Cut Verginia) S-20-B - South Africa
Westpoint (american version) KS-20-S - USA to Wisata (design 3) (Internal) L-12-H - Indonesia
Wiscocok (Special) KS-12-S - Indonesia to Zen (International Special Blend) KS-20-S - Cambodia
Zenit (T) (Legkie) (T) KS-20-H - Russia to Zywiec S-20-S - Poland