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Top Tobacco, LP

Brand(s): Classic Canadian, CN101, CP101, Drum, Top, Wildfire

Top (Roll-Your-Own)

Regular 6-oz. Canister
Regular ¾-oz. Pouch
Menthol 6-oz. Canister
Menthol ¾-oz. Pouch
Light 6-oz. Canister
Light ¾-oz. Pouch

Drum (Roll-Your-Own)

150 g. Canister
1.41-oz. Pouch

Gambler (Roll-Your-Own)

Regular 6-oz. Bag
Regular 1 lb. Bag
Menthol 6-oz. Bag
Menthol 1 lb. Bag
Light 6-oz. Bag
Light 1 lb. Bag
Regular .65-oz. Pouch
Menthol .65-oz. Pouch
Ultra Light 6-oz. Bag
Ultra Light 1-lb. Bag

Classic Canadian (Roll-Your-Own)

7-oz. Bag

4 Aces (Roll-Your-Own)

Light 1-lb. Bag
Menthol 1-lb. Bag
Regular 1-lb. Bag
Light 6-oz. Bag
Menthol 6-oz. Bag
Regular 6-oz. Bag

Our Advertiser (Roll-Your-Own)

Regular 1-oz. Pouch

CP101 (Roll-Your-Own)

Regular ¾-oz. Pouch

CN101 (Roll-Your-Own)

Regular 6-oz. Canister

Wildfire (Roll-Your-Own)

¾-oz. Pouch (Velvet Peach)
¾-oz. Pouch (Sunrise Strawberry)
¾-oz. Pouch (New York Vanilla)
¾-oz. Pouch (Island Margarita)
¾-oz. Pouch (Cherries Jubilee)

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