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Tel: 962/6/5533591 <br>
Tel: 962/6/5533591 <br>
Fax: 962/6/5514282 <br>
Fax: 962/6/5514282 <br>

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The Union Tobaco & Cigarette Industries

The Company's principal activity is manufacturing, production and packaging of Tobacco and cigarettes. The company has its own registered brands which are largely targeted for the export market, including Miami, Five stars, Liberty, Stallions, Mikado, Affair and Vegas. The company was established in July 1993 .

Company Profile

Ticker: UTOB
Exchanges: AMN
2005 Sales: 61,149,000
Major Industry: TOBACCO
Country: JORDAN
Employees: 429

P.O. Box 851015
Amman 11185
Tel: 962/6/5533591
Fax: 962/6/5514282

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