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Soex India Pvt., Ltd.

Brand(s): Soex Bidis

Soex India Pvt Ltd is a group company belonging to the tobacco giant sopariwala exports, one of the foremost companies dealing in tobacco for the last 100 years.

SoeX India Pvt Ltd, a part of the Sopariwala Exports conglomerate, brings to you an array of tobacco products for the perfect smoking experience.

Hookah-Smoking also known as hubble-bubble, shisha, water pipe, and narghile has been around for centuries. This is now fast becoming popular in the United States and other parts of the world. People have realized that hookah-smoking is more of a social event. Savour your hookah-smoking experience, with our famous Afzal Hookah Molasses available in 21 mouth watering flavours (Double Apple, Mix-Fruit, Orange, Aniseed, Mint etc)

We realised that there are thousands of potential hookah smokers who would love to smoke but are apprehensive of tobacco and nicotine. Our expertise in manufacturing hookah-tobacco has given us an opportunity to explore newer methods of smoking. After much research we have developed Herbal Hookah Molasses which is 100% TOBACCO FREE, contains NO NICOTINE. Again available in 21 mouth-watering flavours.

The same tobacco which is sought the world over is hand rolled in Tendu leaves and flavoured to produce the incomparable Soex Flavoured Handcrafted Filter Cigarettes (Bidis). For non-tobacco smokers, we have for them Soex Flavoured Handcrafted Herbal Cigarettes (Beedis), which again is 100% Tobacco free and contains No Nicotine.

We bring for our customers tobacco products in various varieties Soex Cigars, Soex Premium Cigars, Soex Mini Cigars, Soex Quick-Lite Hookah Charcoal Tablets, Soex Smoking Pipes, Hookah Apparatus, Rosewood/ Meerschaum Pipes etc.

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Soex Bidis

Black Liquorice
Wild Cherry
Mandarin Orange

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