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Protobaco, of Colombia, will be included in the 1998 tobacco master settlement under a deal signed on August 20 2004, Attorney General Thomas F. Reilly announced. That agreement means more than $3 million will be paid immediately to Massachusetts, and an additional $9 million of $233 million going to states will be paid with interest in installments over 12 years. Protobaco sold more than 1.8 million of its Bronco brand cigarettes in Massachusetts during the first five months of 2004. Under the agreement, Vibo Corp., doing business as General Tobacco, will be the exclusive distributor of Protobaco in the United States and must adhere to all of the public health restrictions of the settlement, including prohibitions against targeting youth, and billboard and cartoon advertising. Protobaco brands are now listed as General Tobacco. They are now a Participating Manufacturer. The Cowboys brand is now deleted from the directory. The footnote regarding only cigarettes from Columbia being on the directory is still valid.

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