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Toll Free: 877-772-8746<br>
Toll Free: 877-772-8746<br>
Fax: 940-591-7952<br>
Fax: 940-591-7952<br>
'''Official site:''' http://www.patriottobacco.com/<br>
E-mail: sales@patriottobacco.com <br>
E-mail: sales@patriottobacco.com <br>

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Patriot Tobacco Company

It is the mission of the Patriot Tobacco Company to develop, manufacture, and deliver to our customers the highest quality product equal to all in our industry. Most of our products use a selection of all natural tobaccos with only menthol added for a cool smoke. A few others add sugar and casings to create a much milder & traditional American Blend for the smoker who wants a very smooth smoke. Patriot’s institutionalized quality control procedures will strive to select the best available blended tobaccos from around the world to give our customers a generously smooth tasting product. Patriot Tobacco Company is a Texas based manufacturer of cigarette and little cigar products. All of our tobaccos are sourced directly from suppliers in the State of North Carolina. All of our products are manufactured in the U.S.A.

For direct contact with Patriot you have these options:

Mail: 1210 Duncan Street, Bldg. A
Denton, Texas 76205
Telephone: 940-566-3517
Toll Free: 877-772-8746
Fax: 940-591-7952
Official site: http://www.patriottobacco.com/
E-mail: sales@patriottobacco.com

Sales Policy and Pricing

By company policy, Patriot Tobacco is a NPM (Not Participating Manufacture) who signs up individually with selected states for escrow payments which are made directly to each on April 15th following the sales year of record. For escrow-paid pricing information please contact us above.

Distributor/Wholesaler Responsibilities. (The Customer)

Upon seeking to do business with Patriot, the customer must declare exactly which states that they would like to sell into. A key part of our distributor agreement and approval process is based on this declaration. By Patriot policy, the Customer must report all sales volume monthly into every State they sell. If product is sold out of their home state unstamped, then they must report not only sales volume, but also declare the secondary customer by name, address, and key contact information. This is the only manner in which Patriot can maintain accurate sales records to calculate annual mandated escrow payments.

Beginning Business with Patriot

Patriot has a few standard forms that a new company must submit before sales can commence. PDF versions of these documents are listed below. Simply click on each individually to print out or save to your computer. You will need acrobat reader in order to access these forms. All four forms must be completed and signed originals sent to Patriot for review.

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