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Nanyang Brothers Tobacco Co. Ltd.

Nanyang Tobacco is the largest tobacco manufacturer in Hong Kong with a diversified product line including "Double Happiness" cigarettes, its flagship product. With a century-old history, "Double Happiness" is sold in many parts of the world and widely acclaimed as one of the most valuable brands in the tobacco industry.

Nanyang Tobacco runs a modern production complex in Tuen Mun, Hong Kong , and featuring advanced computerized production technology. The quality of tobacco products was closely monitored to ensure consistency of flavour. Nanyang's tobacco products are sold in mainland China , Taiwan and Hong Kong as well as throughout Asia including Singapore , Thailand and Korea . In recent years, Nanyang Tobacco actively expanded its market share in Mainland China with sales rose significantly. In line with promotional activities for the company's centennial anniversary, a new product, "Centennial Dragon & Phoenix Double Happiness", was launched and well received in the market. Currently, 90% of the sales of Nanyang Tobacco come from self -manufactured cigarettes. Of this, the sales from soft-pack "Double Happiness" and box-pack "Double Happiness" accounted for nearly 70% of sales.

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