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Hefei Cigarette Factory


The product selects the high-grade tobacoo leaf as the raw material formula and the supplementary material is natural fragrance. The product crafts is very strict and the qulity is stable and high-grade. The cut tobacoo is yellow-light, the fragarance is pure and elegant, the smell of the cigarette is rich and smooth, the taste is pure and comfortable. All these characteristics make it called pure gold quality. It has winned many honors since researching and producting from 1995. This is the proud of Anhui tobacoo system and Hefei Tobacoo Factory. The material selected is more refined of the treasure of Wan Yan and the wan yan, 12 piece each iron box. The packing is noble and magnificent, the fragrance isdelicate, the smell is smooth and mellow and full, It is exactly the best of cigarrette.


This filter-tipped cigarette belongs to flue-cured.This product is one of the series of Hefei brand cigarettes. The brand paper is blue so that people can feel very peaceful and harmonious in vision. The aim of producting Blue Hefei brand cigarette is to satisfy the common consumers demand, so the used materials of the flue-cured tobacco are different from the materials of other cigarettes. It lays stress on the density of the smell and the comfort of smoking. This kind of cigarette has being been very popular since it was put on the market, and has won the great success.


This filter-tipped cigarette belongs to the second flue-cured tobacco. It is the new product made for our consumers in the new century. We choose the good qualified flue-cured tobacco from other provinces and imported tobacco leaf as the raw materials. During the course of design, we adhere to the principle: High starting point, Good quality, Advanced technique. The brand paper is made of the imported silver and polished paper. The main color is red to imply enthusiasm and luck. The brand makes consumers feel noble and graceful and elegant. On the design, we aim at the style of the good qualified cigarettes in our country so as to making the cut tobacco has the following characterise: 1.The cut tobacco is yellow and bright and gloss
2.The fragrance is very density and full.
3.The taste of smoking is very comfortable.
4.The smell of the cigarette is very fine and smooth and plump.
5.The degree of mellowness is fairly.

Company Name : Hefei Cigarette Factory
Address :
No.651, Changjiang West Rd., Hefei, Anhui
Hefei Anhui China
Zip : 230081
Tel : 86- 551- 5312244-242
'Fax : 86- 551- 5312392
Website :
Contact Person: Wang Hanweng

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