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HBI Tobacco

HBI Specializes in RYO products and more! Our Products include: Rolling Tobacco, Cigars, Cigarillos, Tobacco Papers, Rolling Papers, Rolling Machines, Cigarette Tubes, Cigarette Makers, Filters, Cleaners, Cases and more! We even sell Lighters, Flasks, Chew, Snuff, Smokers Tools & Ashtrays.

HBI is one of the largest independent wholesalers of cigarette tobacco in America! Our mission is to provide the lowest prices and largest selection of RYO products.

HBI Tobacco Sells to thousands of Smoke Shops, Cigar Shops, Gift Shops, Convenience Stores, Gas Stations, Grocery Outlets and more! We have a tremendous variety of products - We are the largest seller of cigarette tobacco in Arizona!

836 E University Drive #101
Phoenix, Arizona
85034 USA
800-568-2553 FAX
Email: mailto:

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